Guest Speaker

I thought that this guy really brought into perspective about narratives in peoples lives. When discussing about the story of the student who never went on field trips, and then when he did… he was rude and obnoxious against his own culture was quite shocking. (native boy sayings “why would I go watch an indian jump through circles?”… I thought this was crazy as well for him to say that… although as the speaker discussed, his family background was deeper, and his dad went through residential schools and didn’t have that experience of life that was great. So it was interesting to think about how we are “all treaty people” and that we all have our own narratives to our own different stories and backgrounds.



  1. I thought the guest speaker did a great job of bringing narratives into perspective also. That story really made me think about generalized assumptions about people. It really helps me focus back to individual experiences and needs. I also thought the way he talked about navigating between written curriculum and lived curriculum really helped me understand what we can do as teachers. I think hearing his own stories about teaching with the written and curriculum gave me a positive perspective to think about as I try to make those connections 🙂

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