Response- Ch.11

This chapter is something that every pre-intern/ intern needs to take into consideration. Learning with others and helping each other through our teaching careers I would assume can make a huge difference just by reading some of the key points in the chapter. I think that when I become my own teacher, I will most likely become very comfortable with the teaching community because if someone needs an idea they can ask me and if I need help with a lesson plan or idea, they can also do the same. Forming a community bond with teachers who are in the same grade level or even just becoming friends with teachers in your community helps to toss out new ideas and keep the knowledge flowing for perhaps a teacher who may be struggling during their career. I know that my goal when I become an official teacher is that I would like to become familiar with all the staff members and eventually become close friends with them as well. To the teachers who do not have these types of groups, I feel are missing out on easy access and basically a stress relief group because all the teachers are in the same ‘boat’.

Even though this was a shorter chapter, it had reminded me on how important it is to get to know your staff and co-workers when joining a school. One of the quotes that stuck out in this chapter to me that practically every university class has been preaching is
“Using strategies from the past such as more testing, more failure, and retention, higher standards, more rewards, greater punishments, and tighter control over students and their learning—IS HURTING, NOT HELPING.”


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