Chapter 4

Health 10
A sample that I might use for Health Education that may be about eating healthy and daily logging. I could go through examples with the students and give hand outs for students to separate what might be healthy and what might not be healthy. Some foods can be tricky especially when students are not educated. So, I would have the students get into partners and first separate the healthy and non healthy food items. When students are complete, I could go through each of the items and ask why they thought certain foods were healthier than most. After that, I can give them a log book and suggest that students start writing down what they are eating and separating their foods into the food groups. This could help the students identify the areas where they need to eat more or less in the food groups. This would be a self-assessment activity that may go throughout a two-week time frame. After the two-weeks, students can compare with their partners and partners can then begin to understand how many calories they are eating in a day and what needs to be changed. So basically, I would turn a self-assessment into an observational assessment with a partner. Students can then learn from each other and perhaps receive tips of what they could change in their diet.


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