During this class I was intrigued by our assessment speaker. One of the key learnings that I took from that lecture was the activity based on how we know when to give certain grades. I thought this activity and activities like this make this journey real and it helps to start learning when to give certain grades and what to look for. As the other teacher stated in the back, when debating between a 2 or 3, it is important to give the lower grade because education is a learning progress and that there is a reason that you are debating between a lower grade. She stated that giving the lower grade doesn’t mean that they failed, it means that they aren’t fully at the higher grade, but we can give the descriptive feedback that will help them succeed in their future assignments. I thought that activity definitely helps with learning how to assess and learn the reasons behind the grading system. I personally think that rubrics are huge for students who need to see what is expected. Rubrics can be guidelines for students to know what is expected to get full marks in this assignment. Some teachers argue that rubrics can be hard to grade depending on how you “word” for example. needs work- good- well done- exceptional. whats the difference between good and well? Things like this were debated in class and I believe that if you word your rubrics right, you should be able to give the grades the students deserve.


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