Response Chapter 5

In regards to my Wellness 10, students can show evidence of learning from various aspects. I will be able to use
observations: checklists of voluntary work and understanding the meaning behind wellness, relationship development with peers, use presentations on what they learnt perhaps on the dimensions of wellness

conversations: I could also use peer feedback on throughout the year based on the unit plans in wellness 10, self-assessments based on specific units, weekly logs based on progression, group work for projects, I would also like to everyday have a new “fun fact” about wellness that interests the students and could perhaps change their bad habits into healthier and better choices.

products: weekly log books on something that the student changed that week in order for a healthier overall wellness, assigned chapter reading in order for them to gain knowledge around wellness, video assignments where they are able to use creativity to demonstrate what they learnt throughout the semester, quizzes/tests

I would use these specific things to help collect evidence of learning throughout the year because Wellness is a course based on health and being physically active. One of the important key aspects throughout this is I think that giving the students a wellness inventory form to fill out at the start of the year and then giving the same test at the end, could definitely help to see where I am going wrong with the progressions or where I am succeeding. I would want my students to start from scratch and see progression through wellness and learn new information on a daily basis about wellness. I feel like I will be collecting evidence all through the semester in different learning areas where I will be able to give a proper assessment on each student. I would also like to focus on 5 students a day and switch through out the week days on assessing each student. This way I will be able to take in evidence for each student throughout the term.


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