response Chapter 6

Assessment in the classroom can help to have an understanding of what students know, need to know and what they need to do to make sure that student is succeeding. Using multiple assessments can provide teachers with different forms of feedback. Ex. some students are always successful when it comes to speaking in front of the class during presentations, some students are better at writing exams… A teacher’s job is to help students find the way they are most successful at and help them strive in the learning ways they are least successful at. When using assessment in the classroom it is important as a teacher to make sure that before you start assessing that you are giving students the opportunity to be successful. Using repititon as discussed in previous chapters helps students practice and learn what they need to know. Going fast through a lesson is not going to make it easier for 1) you to assess the students knowledge of the material because it was taught so quick 2) help the students get any further with the material, especially if the material needs to be transferred into the next chapter or unit.

I want to make sure that as a teacher I have a variety of assessments for different outcomes. I want students to feel they have learnt something when they leave my classroom. I don’t want students leaving my classroom thinking they failed and do not understand what just happened that lecture. I want students to feel at their highest success when they are learning from me. I know that if I teaching in the different learning ways, it shouldn’t be hard for me to assess if I am reaching all aspects of learning ( auditory, visual, kinaesthetic). I want to make sure I am collecting data from a variety of sources in order for me to put a grade on these outcomes. Overall, a teacher’s best goal is to have all the students understanding what is being taught, and at the end of the day if I am reaching more then half the students, I can keep striving for more of the % each class and finds ways to learn how to teach to my best ability and assess in ways where students can be successful.


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