Chapter 7- Response

I haven’t been in the classroom often enough to actually know when students were really engaged but when I have been I have noticed some things. Some things I noticed that I did really well that kept all the students engaged was to keep the classroom engaged with the subject. I like to relate topics and familiar things to students so that they can possibly relate and understand. I also noticed that when I was calling out people who didn’t have their hands up, they were becoming more engaged because it was at random choice. I liked to involve students also in demonstrating and getting the students moving. I found using brain breaks also helped the students to get out of their lazy mind stage and give them a break. After their brain break I found so many students more on task and focused for the material.

I also found the longer you stay on a topic the more behavioural problems you will have in the classroom. So with noticing that after a few teaching sessions, I learnt to keep the topics short and interactive.


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