Jan. 06/14- VIDEO Responses-part 1

part 1- notes

Video 1-
“Smart is not something you are, smart is something you get”
Some students are held back (gifted students) don’t feel like they can move on with the topic because they are the smarter ones of the class. Teachers have to work hard to keep them motivated. Teachers argued that the stick idea would be better used in a classroom when the abilities are all the same.
First Change in the classroom: choose students at random, use lollipop sticks instead of using hands. The people who know the answer feel like they are not allowed to answer because other students aren’t getting it and they know the answer. Students get frustrated when they aren’t allowed to answer.
The point of this is to show students that it is okay to be wrong.
A burst of exercise can have an impact on students attention and learning. Physical Activity causes release of chemicals in the brain which in a result causes more learning and focused.
Students are to take part of ten minutes of physical activity every morning. Teachers have to get students 15 minutes earlier in the morning and changed out. The purpose is to get them more motivated to learn every morning.
Students felt in a better mood because they were tired before in the mornings… now they feel awake going to their next class and more motivated. I think as a PE major, this was a great idea for the students to not only get physical activity that they may not have done that day anyways but for them to get their brains working and turned into the right direction.

The teacher uses a different strategy like picking two sticks at once therefore there is not one student that is put on the spot, but two people can both figure it out. I thought this was a better idea then always picking one stick… This takes pressure off the ONE student who is being called out, instead two names get called out and it can be answered by either which could be seen as LESS EMBARESSING to those students of LESS CONFIDENCE.
The techniques seemed to balance out the classroom dynamics and the less confident kids were starting to see progress.

“ I think the smart people are always putting their hand up because they know what they are doing” – student
Some kids only put their hand up when they are 100% confident. If not they feel they will get laughed at for their answer. I know that as a student I always thought in that same mind set depending on the subject. If it was a subject where everyone should know the answer and I did not… I would not raise my hand for the same matter that student suggested about being laughed at and students saying “haha how didn’t you know that”… As teachers we need to minimize negative comments in the classroom like that so that students like me can understand the point that IT IS OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES!

Everyone can answer quicker. Some kids doodled and the white board was taken away. Students felt punished which made them realize that they could not part take in the activity.

Kids were playing with the cups… some kids made it clear that the lesson didn’t work for them if none of them were understanding the lesson.
Teacher had the students evaluate her lesson… She realized it wasn’t her lesson it was the student’s behaviours that were holding her back from having a successful lesson.
This was a great idea because it takes a lot of courage to ask the students that you are teaching to JUDGE how you teach and point of things that perhaps YOURSELF would not have caught onto in order to adapt to change.


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