Jan. 23/14- Giving the “Zero” is a GOOD thing

This topic somewhat frustrates me for several reasons. I think that students who work hard and are always striving for better grades are getting the grades they deserved based on how much effort and work they put into their assignment, project or studying. With that being said, the students who do not care about studying and would rather party, live the social life and “CHOOSE” to do nothing for a certain class for example. not handing in assignments when other students are going out of their way to get homework done. I believe that student deserves the grade they receive based on the amount of effort and work that is produced. Some may argue that the purpose of school is to teach kids and motivate them to learn… YES I agree. However, when is it a teachers job to always go out of their way to motivate a student to get their homework done when you already know they are not going to do it or hand it in anyways. A lot of teachers give second chances to students who do not hand in their homework on time… for example. a student who is missing three assignments because he chose not to care and do it on time.. the teacher allows the student to get the assignments in before the end of the year. How is this fair to the students surrounding who worked their butts off to get their homework and projects in on the DUE DATE. As this has happened in some of my Ed classes, I understand to a certain extent that some people need that extra help, but when it is repetitive and continuous… when is enough enough? In a university student’s perspective…. when seeing someone else hand their assignment in way past the DUE DATE with knowing they chose not to do the assignment prior to the date… and then they also get a better grade because they had extra time to work on it… HOW is that fair to the university students who are putting in the work. I am sure there are “busy schedules”, but its called prioritizing. If we as teachers are continually letting students not take responsibility and get their homework in on time and giving them the ZERO, how are the students going to be ready for the real world ? work? university? life? …

Also as a teacher who agrees with giving the BIG ZERO… I also think that it is fair to instead of straight up giving ZEROS… perhaps take off 5-10% everyday it is late. This technique could motivate the learner to think.. OK I can still get a decent grade, I should hand it in… instead of the student always choosing to take the ZERO because they don’t care. ALSO within reason, I do believe under different circumstances, giving ZEROS to students who actually have a legit reason for their homework not being on time or missing an exam, could be negotiated. However, if it is always the same student(s), first, the teacher needs to have a one-on-one and discuss whats going on and get help from surrounding sources and two, figure out perhaps what me as a teacher can do to motivate the student to want to participate in the class.


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