Chapter 9

Although I have not been in the classroom to have the experience with communication practices but I do agree that they are extremely important. I believe through experiences as a student, I found the best way of communication was one on one with the teacher. Understanding that you can have a level of trust with the teacher is crucial. I found that I trusted and respected the teachers who were able to communicate with me about things outside of school. Although they did not ignore discussing school and assignments, I found that it was easier as a student to not be afraid to ask for help. I also thought that when teachers talked to my parents outside of the classroom was good for developing an understanding of how I was doing in school. If teachers are continuing to stay in contact maybe through online assessments and throughout the course, it also gives the parents an idea of what their kid is doing in school, what is expected to be done, and what their grades look like. I think if more teachers have an online connection with parents that display what their kid is getting, parents can be more aware and have the opportunity to communicate easier.


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