presentation day- Feb. 27

I thought the presentation was interesting but the one thing that stuck out to me was the comment on grading behaviour. Grading behaviour could relate to classroom attitude, attendance, and the act of handing things in on time. I think this presentation struck up a few different arguments that related to this. I think that there are two sides of the argument that I both agree on but understand there is not solid way to comprise. One side of the argument is that… students who have a bad attitude, never show up to class, never hand assignments in on time, never do the tests, don’t care about due dates, but yet still understand the material. Some stated the solution to this is not giving zeros but giving incompletes. However, when is ENOUGH, ENOUGH?? How is it fair to the students who do complete all these tasks on time. As a teacher, are we really preparing kids to be ready for the real world if were letting them get away with this behaviour? The other side of the argument is giving students zeros has a dramatic effect because it doesn’t display that they learnt any of the outcomes however, it displays they didn’t complete the task. Some may argue that the curriculum should incorporate behaviour. Some may use the solution of giving students a 3 strike on assignments being handed in on time argument. They think that this could motivate the students to still have a chance to complete the outcomes.
My opinion has been changed throughout the semester. I think that behaviour should be assessed, but not for grades. I think that parents have the right to know how their kids behaviour attributes are in class. I also think that a three strike rule would be effective because it gives opportunity but also still shows them they cannot do It more then three times. This helps teachers to also stay organized and I think that it shows the students that they can still pass the class because they aren’t effected with the zero. I think it is important to use “INCOMPLETES” on grades because a zero does not display if the students understands the outcome. Just displays what they decided to do or didn’t do.


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