March 6- assessment oppinion

In our assessment piece hand out there were some debate on the statement that says:
“apply fair consequences (not connected to grades) for academic dishonesty and reassess to determine actual level of achievement; don’t punish with reduced grades.”
My personal opinion is that to what extent are we going to continue to let students get away with plagiarism and continue to let them redo there work? For example, you let a student redo the paper. They redo the paper however, because there were no other consequences such as giving a ZERO, the student continues to try and get away with plagiarism. My question is… when and how do you begin to punish other wise by using grades as a punishment? There are many students out there that will continue to repeat because there is no punishment other then just re-writing the paper. What I think should happen is … give the student(s) one chance to repeat or redo the paper or test. Then, teach them the proper ways of citing and referencing (because who knows, maybe the student doesn’t actually know how to cite).Then after teaching it, let the students know that they are on the radar for this and next time will result in a deduct in grade and repeat, or possibly a zero. I think making sure your students understand the idea behind plagiarism is one of the first things a teacher should know about there students if they do plagiarize. After that, I believe it is fair game and the students now know they are responsible for their own actions.


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