assessment in PE- observations

So this is the first week I am able to observe my cooperating teacher as a physical educator. I am noticing different classroom management styles and assessments that she uses. One of the observations that I noticed was the amount of students who fake sick, skip, do not participate or change out, and so forth. The excuses seem to never end and since the curriculum does not assess behaviour, my PE teacher resolves most of these excuses and actions with solutions to the ones she can. First, since PE is basically about movement and participation, she has to take into account the student and how many times they skip or have these constant excuses. I took into account that the coop teacher instead of marking the students who don’t want to participate a 0, she has assignments for the ones who want to sit out which is about observing the lesson. I thought this was thoughtful because it minimizes students from not wanting to participate because they have to actually work on an assignment based around everyone else participating. Next, for the students who continually skip, she has Unexcused UE written by there name that day. She rates them daily on attentiveness, focus, attitude, and participation on a daily basis. So for the students who do not choose to come, she does give 0s on those days on a scale of 1-5. The 0 will not impact their overall grade dramatically because usually participation is 10% of the grade. Also, my thoughts around it were how else could you rate a student everyday if they are not showing up when PE is about movement and participating. If they show up and they do homework, then you can at least rate them accordingly.

Assessment in PE no matter what people argue, participation has to be taken in account. The purpose of PE is for students to be active and enjoy movement. If students are being marked on just doing assignments, physical education’s name should just be changed to something that does not involve movement. I believe that in order to execute the majority of outcomes in PE, you have to be physically active to do so.


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