Assessment in HEALTH

During my time in pre-internship, we taught grade 9 health as well. Our unit that we were working towards was the reproductive system. I found comparing to the PE assessments, this was way easier to find ways to assess in a classroom. During this time, we pre-assessed their previous knowledge on the reproductive system based on a visual fill in the blank of the male reproductive system and female reproductive system. We wanted the students to just label the parts based on what they know. It wasn’t for grades, it was for us as teachers. This helped us consider how much we had to spend on specific areas during this unit.

After the quick labeling quiz, we jumped right into talking about each part of the female and male anatomy of the reproductive systems and their functions. We were able to use a text book that students were able to look up later concerning questions if they wanted to. We incorporated this text because they were already using it and it was a valuable resource for us as well. I think that the more resources you have the better.

During this unit we used fill in the blank quizzes on the male, we used matching quizzes on the female, and we then used work sheets on female and male caring for the reproductive system and work sheets/ videos for videos that we watched about health concerns within the reproductive systems.

Summative Assessment:
Matching quiz
Fill in the blank
Note taking 3 key points from each different type of cancer in the videos

Exit slips
work sheets (discussed in class after using text book for answers)
Matching Game activity where students either had a Questions or an Answer to the question. Each student was given either. If you had a Question paper, you were to stand up and walk around. If you had an answer paper… you were to sit in your desk until the question to your answer found you where the students could collaborate and discuss if it is correct or not.

During this grade 9 health, I would have loved to be able to continue to further teach the reproductive system because based on only three classes, the students are still becoming familiar with terms and functions still. So, to be able to continually summative or formatively asses the students until I am sure that they are understanding, I would have liked to have a big unit test to wrap it all together. This would have given the students time to further prepare and study and use the text books and hand outs that we had created to successfully complete our unit exam.

As I stated before, it was hard to get through all that we did without rushing through it. It obviously isn’t fair to the students to quickly go through each section that I wanted to… However, with three weeks it felt like we were cramming as much as we could for them based on time limit. If we were able to have more time, I know we could have easily furthered our teachings and could of finished the unit with an overall exam based on everything we had gone through.


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