assessment in YOGA class 2

After we shifted the students in the classroom, we decided that our targets would still be maximum participation where we could establish and compare which classroom management set-up worked best for us.

This class was going to be about transferring the moves from the first class into sequences called sun saluations. Also, during this class since last class we didn’t necessarily focus on breathing, we were going to implement that into our lesson so that yoga could further connect with the students spriritual side and where students could get the best experience of yoga.

We also used formative assessment in this class where students were able to go through the yoga poses and then the sequences together. First me and my intern showed the sequences steps one by one. Second we went through it slowly with the students as saying inhaling and exhaling through next poses. Third we had the students go through it one more time in a more comfortable confident way. Fourth all we did was call out the position they have to with the exhale or inhale included (inhale downward dog, exhale chadarunga) Fifth, we had the students repeat it again, but with us just saying inhale, then exhale, inhale, then exhale. This part was based on the students rememebering what position comes next when to inhale or exhale. Lastly, the students led eachother. I had one of the girls who felt the most confident come forward and lead the sun salutations ( they did both S.S. a and b with 1-5 stages of learning). The students were able to use cooperative learning and demonstration to teach one another.
From never have done yoga, I thought this was a great experience and great first couple lessons. However we did not have more lessosns after this because of matt room bookings and other things that were taking away from our PE time during this 3 week internship.
What I would have liked to do was some summative assessments based on what they have learnt with more lessons obviously.
I would have liked at least 5-6 more classes where I could have touched base on more yoga moves, types, originalities, etc… Then I would have either liked the students to demonstrate some type of sequence with breathing as a summative grade mark. And or… I would have liked to give a short answer test based on what they have learnt… like name three sitting poses, name two sequences and from those sequences two types of moves…

So Im hoping in internship that I will get as much time as I want with yoga and to be able to further my assessments. I think because of the short period of time it was hard to get through all that I wanted, but what I did get through really helped with becoming more confident in teaching about.


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