assessment in YOGA

When my pre-intern and I taught yoga in our Wellness 10 class, we used a lot of formative assessment. We decided that based on pre-assessing that 95% of a class of 23 girls who had not done yoga before, we decided we wanted to assess based on engagement. The first yoga class that we were teaching was based around introducing basic beginner yoga moves. Our strategy was to have different modifications of each yoga move and also if someone couldn’t do that yoga move they were to go into the child’s pose. During this class, as I said we were focusing on engagement. We had all the students watch both of us teachers at different angels perform the yoga move and then them repeat in the best way possible. We wanted to make sure that they were watching and listening first before they were attempting. As we were going through the yoga moves we came down to the end of the moves, and decided we would play a refreshing game. This game included us teachers saying a pose, and them remembering and performing it. Basically we were doing this so that the students understood that the next day they will be using these moves again. We wanted to make sure they didn’t just think that this lesson was throwing out a bunch of random moves and then not applying them later on. For the most part, we thought 80% of the class remembered some of the basic moves while playing this refreshment game.

Overall, we were able to assess who was engaged in this lesson and who wasn’t. Some of the things we wanted to change for next class was our positioning as teachers for the students. We taught in front of the class where we were positioned in longer depth range. so there was more rows. We found that the students who were in the back were most likely to get off task. So for next class were going to have the students come in… let them think that they will be in the back, but we as teachers are just going to go with the width, where the classroom will rotate basically with less rows and the students who are used to being off task would be closer to the teachers for management purposes.


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