Assessment in Wellness -dance

At Thom we were given the opportunity to teach two wellness 10 courses. Through this, my pre-intern and I taught a unit on the relationships, yoga, and dance. This was one of the most interesting experiences because like I have blogged before, I have not ever taught dance or yoga. As I had already discussed assessment with yoga, I wanted to touch up on how I assessed my dance unit.
First of all, seeing how we are only able to be in the gym 3x a week for wellness, we only had short bit of time to teach a introduction lesson on four basic movements for a line-dance. As we taught we added on different moves that we could help feel the beat more. After this we through it all together and had fun with it. The first day was a basic formative assessment on how they were able to stay on beat with different types of music.
The second day, we performed the dance again. We were confident that the students had figured it out for both of our wellness’. So after repeating that dance one more time, we had divided the students into 4 groups. Through these four groups they were each given a movement pattern such as a rotation’ that they had to create. Once they all learnt the move… group 1 and2 would teach eachother and group 3 and 4 would teach eachother their moves. Once each group was done, they would gather together to make a 16 beat count dance with the four created ways to do so. This game was part of our development to formatively assess the students based on can they create dance moves, can they follow a beat? can they work together? etc… After the students then collaborated and worked together to form a dance.

After the dance was formed, students were then instructed into a dancing assignment. The objective of the assignment was for the students to create a dance or learn a dance. There was also a time limit that they needed to reach. In the end my intern and I gave them a mark based on group cohesion, following beats, being in-sync with one another. After that, the students did not know this until after their dance, but then they were given a self-assessment along with a group assessment. Each student gave themselves a mark out of /11 and then all their group mates /3 based on different questions. Then we averaged their grades out. The students were then allowed to take the power into their own hands. In some cases, teachers do not like this because some students will mark stupidly and give themselves high grades when they do not deserve it. In this case, I found the students giving themselves grades that I would have given anyways! It was quite opposite because some girls were being super hard on themselves rather than being easy.

So this was another way we thought that we could assess, but also include their own group assessments and self-assessments with their grades. We did this because the students can then be able to take accountability and also take charge in who didn’t help create the dance or who did not show up or who did take control and help out… etc… I found the grades made sense and I was proud I tried a self/group assessment combination.


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