Assessments in Wellness- relationships

During this unit, we were able to teach it through our three week span for the whole time. This was great because we were able to touch base on healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, different types of relationships and communication. This was a great unit for me because I found I was also able to connect with the students more and get to know them. During this unit I wish I would have done more assessment. We only were able to get into the classroom 2x a week with the interference of school events going on. Towards our ending days with the students, we wanted to make a fun project that would relate to their culture and teen lives. We created a relationships in the media project. The objective was for the students to find 8 different examples of the FOUR relationship communication styles (passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, assertive). The students then were to go through a movie, tv show, book or magazine and find relationships that were using these four styles. ex. Rihanna and chris brown, aggressive relationship.

The students then were marked on content, comprehension, examples, preparation. We wanted to make sure the students understood the content (the four styles of communication); We also wanted to the students to be able to respond to questions asked about their examples; we wanted to make sure the examples were linked with the correct relationship; and we wanted to see if the students used eye contact and voice projection to show confidence in their work.

Through this rubric they were marked out of /16. If it was up to me, I found after these presentations some of the students got mixed up with aggressive and pass-aggressive examples… so I would have liked to take another look at it and/or show examples from the media to demonstrate knowledge and give them examples as well so they could have an idea. This would have made that definition a little more clearer for the students which would have helped to end up with an overall better summative grade.


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