Responding to the unexpected

During this 3 week course, I found it interesting teaching units that were typically the more uncomfortable units to teach. My pre-intern and I taught reproductive system(grade 9 health) and relationships(wellness10). During these classes we were asked questions that were unexpected and for the most part, could be what some teachers might find uncomfortable. I found the more uncomfortable questions came from the health 9… However one of the biggest compliments and feedback I thought I got back was from our co-op teacher saying how the kids were throwing unexpected questions out at you and instead of panicking, you handled it maturely and confidently. I was not sure how I would handle the unexpected questions with regards to the reproductive system, but turns out I might enjoy teaching health classes because of how much fun you can have with it.

With teaching relationships, I found myself uncomfortable at times with students responses to me discussing different types of relationships… mostly unhealthy ones. I would hear some students mutter under their breath ‘been there’ when discussing being in a violent relationship, or students who say they are dating 22 year olds when they are only 15. This was difficult for me after hearing all this because I wasn’t sure how to respond to that instead of I hope you are out of that relationship and discuss how negative each one is. After those classes that I felt shockingly surprised by the questions, I would talk to my co-op where she was not surprised at all. Obviously she knew the students previously through the couple years teaching them, and knowing their background helps to … almost sensitise the shock effect of the response to the students. After discussing with my co-op her advice was based around just making sure you are not telling them what to do, but making sure you are giving them the facts they need to know. And for the most part, I tried to approach each situation with the most appropriate response. Basically from what I learnt from this is to always deal with things professionally and not to shrug things off that may seem little but they are not. Also that building relationships with students and understanding their background more will also be a good heads up for internship. This will open the trust field with students where they can feel they can approach you with concerns about their life. HOWEVER, anything that the students say that may put their lives at risk also needs to be taken into account as well because as soon as that is a factor, the prinicipal needs to be informed ASAP.


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